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  • Tech In Motion Event: Workbridge Silicon Valley and Couchbase

    On November 29th, Workbridge Silicon Valley had the pleasure of having Chris Anderson from Couchbase speak at our Tech In Motion event!!

    It was an awesome night of networking, pizza, drinks and, of course, NoSQL!! Chris did a phenomenal job at captivating our guests. He explained NoSQL so everyone from novice to advance users could understand and enjoy. 

    Couchbase Event
    NoSQL Event with Chris from Couchbase
    Chris tweets a pic
    Chris tweets a quick pic of the audience before getting started
    Chris Speaking
    Chris dropping NoSQL knowledge on the audience :)

    Workbridge Silicon Valley would like to thank Chris, Couchbase and everyone who came made it to the event. We had a great time and especially loved when Chris broke out onto a Couchbase rap for us; we all loved that! Thank you Couchbase, for the free t-shirts that were provided for our guests.

    Our next event will be announced soon at Tech In Motion!! Become a member to be reminded of all our events :)

    Hope to see you at our next event!!

  • Workbridge Night Out!

    Workbridge Boston has a new addition to the team, our new Marketing Specialist Alyssa!

    Mandy from our sister company in New York was kind enough to come visit and show her the ropes. It was Mandy's first visit to Boston so the Workbridge family decided to show her all that Boston has to offer. 

    First, we went to the Top of the Hub to show her the spectacular views of the city. 

    Gillie, Mandy, Alyssa (left to right)

    After that, we headed over to Sweetwater Cafe for a fun night out with our sister company. After working hard all week, it was nice to take a break to get together and catch up.  

    We love to connect so be sure to follow us on Twitter and check out our Tech in Motion page for great tech events!

  • A Review of #SocialOut 2013!

    On Tuesday November 27th, we attended Potomac Tech Wire's Social Media Outlook 2013 Breakfast Round Table.

    "Social Media Outlook 2013 is part of the Potomac Tech Wire breakfast series that brings together senior executives in the Mid-Atlantic to discuss technology and marketing issues in a conversational, roundtable environment moderated by the editor of Potomac Tech Wire."

    All in all it was a terrific seminar and we all had fun while learning about teh coming trends in social media.

    First we were served a great breakfast spread! Once everyone was armed with coffee, we headed into a lecture-hall style room to hear from the keynote speaker, a panel of experts in the field, and three more speakers.

    The keynote speaker was Rohit Bhargava, an author and a blogger who is a founding member of the 360 Digital Influence group at Ogilvy. His speech included a sneak-peek of an annual list of 15 predictions for trends in the next year.

    The first 7 trends are:

    • Shoptimization: Apps like Slice, Macys (which includes an GPS for their NYC store), and ShopSavvy that make the shopping experience faster, easier, and better.
    • Partnership Publishing: Sites like The Domino Project, Layer Gloss, and Netminds help individual become publishers
    • Human Banking: humanizing the banking experience through more user-friendly language and technology. Most people are familiar with Mint, they really helped kick start this trend.
    • MeFunding: Sites like Indiegogo and Go Fund Me are a way to raise money online for a cause
    • Hyper-Local Commerce: Apps like Shopify to help promotion of local small businesses
      Friend-Sourced Travel Apps  like Airbnb and Trippy utilize your friends/community to help you plan your vacation
    • Degree Free Learning: Sites like Uncollege and Creative Live help people with learning through online webinars, lectures and courses to give you the knowledge you want without a degree

    Stay tuned for the rest of Bhargava’s trends which are set to be released soon.

    Up next there was a discussion on current popular social media and marketing trends, opinions, and predictions. Among the panel were Leigh George (R2integrated), Rohit Bhargava, Jodi Gersh (Gannett), and Shashi Bellamkonda (


    The panel discussed an array of things including the use of businesses on Facebook and it’s popularity. They discussed successful marketing campaigns: McDonald’s twitter campaign, Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good, Coca-cola’ Social Company Initiative, and Oreos’ Facebook Campaign. They discussed SEOs and the popularity of sites with visual lay outs like the new Myspace and predicted its success.

    The next speaker was University of Maryland Professor Wendy Moe. She discussed the analytics and data. She mentioned the popularization of collecting and talking about data. The important thing  to do is take all the data that is collected and figure out what it actually means.


    The next speaker was Mark Amtower, who was a very early user of LinkedIn and has now accumulated over 5,000 meaningful connections. He stressed the importance of not just connecting with anybody but making meaningful connections and adding value to your posts.

    Last but not least, Shashi Bellamkonda spoke about social media and businesses. He stressed the importance of proper training in social media since most people use it to discover new companies rather than web sites.


    Overall the seminar was great! We had a great time learning new things and live tweeting the event! #SocialOut

  • Workbridge Recruiter Spotlight: Kaylene Moulton

    All of our recruiters go through pretty rigorous training to better understand the technologies they recruit for. It just so happens that one of our junior recruiters here in Workbridge San Francisco, already has a leg up on the competition!

    Kaylene Moulton works on the Network Infrastructure team and specializes in placing UI/UX designers, mobile, and front-end developers. Recently, she designed a layout for an annual report for a program called CAP (Community Action Program). Her design went out to over 2,000 people in the local community of Salt Lake City. Initially, Kaylene was inspired by a school project but carried it out after graduation.

    For more information, visit her website:

    This is a huge accomplishment for a young lady in the business field and we're very impressed by her.

    Our staff is comprised of a diverse group, all of which can relate to our targeted clientele in one way or another. With the experience she's garnered over the last couple of years, Kaylene can better understand the visual designers that she helps! And don't we all want to be understood... especially when it comes to something as big as our CAREER!

    Stop by Workbridge San Francisco or contact us today for assistance in your next job search!

    Call: (415) 982-0500

    Visit: 44 Montgomery, Suite 2350. San Francisco, CA 94104

  • Workbridge Recruiter Spotlight: Chris Walery

    Workbridge Orange County wants you to meet Chris Walery.

    Chris has been working with Workbridge under the management of Jacob Wolf and is quickly learning the ins and outs of the Embedded, Hardware, and Android market here in the O.C. 

    So far, Chris been able to help place several engineers into both contracts and full time positions this fall. He's working hard right through the holidays to make sure everyone can make the most of the opportunities at hand. 

    Chris is a local Orange County guy who graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Economics. When Chris isn't hard at work here at Workbridge, he's busy taking advantage of all that Southern California has to offer, surfing, sky diving, and enjoying life.

    Perhaps Chris's biggest quirk is that he only eats bread a cheese: grilled cheese, pizza, mac and cheese, quesadilla. So while it might be fun to grab lunch with Chris, it certainly limits your options!

    Want to hear what jobs Chris is working on now? Or kid him about his lack of adult taste buds? Feel free to reach out to him on twitter or call in at (949) 833-1300 

  • Edwin Yoon's 5th Anniversary at Workbridge!

    Monday the 26th marked Edwin Yoon's 5 year anniversary with Workbridge Associates

    So naturally we celebrated with cake!

    Edwin is the Practice Manager on our Network Infrastructure team. He's a funny, awesome, laid-back kind of manager.

    He often delights us by making dying cat noises, singing along to music, showing us funny videos all while running a successful team that places the finest engineers in the DC area!

    Keep up the great work Edwin!

    If you'd like to work with Edwin, you can reach him at [email protected] or call us at (70) 465-8000

  • Holidays in Chicago

    Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's time to break out the holiday decorations in Chicago!

    Workbridge Chicago's Marketing Specialist, Christine, wasted no time in hauling out the tree and tinsel. She was so excited to decorate the office, she wore her snowman sweater to celebrate!

    The entire lobby is looking festive.

    Our favorite is the gingerbreadman tree-topper. Isn't he cute?

    Happy Holidays from Workbridge Chicago! Stop by the office to see the decorations and check out a few of our open jobs!

  • Don't Miss Our NoSQL Event This Week!

    You're invited to Tech In Motion Silicon Valley's next event this Thursday November 29th!

    Our guest speaker is co-founder Chris Anderson of Couchbase, he will be speaking on NoSQL and fun-driven development.

    Don't miss out on a chance to learn more about NoSQL and mingle with other Silicon Valley Techies. Come enjoy free food, drinks, and networking!


    We hope to see you there!! Please feel free to contact us with questions:

    Phone: (408) 295-9400

    Email: [email protected] 

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