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  • Workbridge NYC Celebrates 1 Year of Tech in Motion NYC!

    One year ago Workbridge Associates NYC and their sister company decided to give back to the New York City tech community by creating and hosting FREE networking and educational events for our job-seekers, clients and tech lovers alike.

    Over the past year we have grown to well over 1,000 members and have hosted an array of successful events thanks to all of our members, co-organizers and staff. With that being said, we thank you for your attendance at our events, suggestions and spreading the word about this group to your friends, co-workers and family! This is something to be acknowledged and most importantly, something to celebrate!

    To kick off 2013 and to celebrate our achievements, it is our pleasure to announce Tech in Motion NYC's Demos and Drinks event for January 31, 2013 at Gallery Bar!

    Join 100+ NYC tech professionals and enthusiasts for a night of networking, drinks and of demos! Seat Geek, Pluto Mobile and more will be presenting their company and apps for all to enjoy!

    Not a member YET? Click here to join and RSVP for this event and more! Tech in Motion NYC

  • Workbridge NYC: Home to Our Vice President of Sales & Recruiting!

    It is our pleasure to announce one of our own as the new Vice President of Sales and Recruiting!

    Drew Sussberg, has been with Workbridge Associates for over 9 years now working his way up the corporate ladder. He has led his team and the New York City region, while also being an inspiration to our staff as the top sales professional in our company for 2 years running, Regional Director and now Vice President!

    His hard work, attention to detail and stellar ability to land our job-seekers positions they love and assist our clients time and time again by introducing amazing tech talent has not gone unnoticed. In fact, he is an inspiration to many within our organization.

    Congratulations to you once again Drew! You deserve it!

    Just a few words from his colleagues:

    "Drew's leadership and ability to raise the bar of performance is second to none." -Sloane Barbour, Regional Director of NYC

    "One of my favorite things about my job here is that Drew performs as he does. To watch him continue to expand his business and management skills but at the same time remain the top sales person in the company pushes all of us to do better every day. It’s not something you see in other jobs, and it makes a world of difference." -Samantha Epstein, Practice Manager

    "Drew Sussberg epitomizes a consummate professional in every aspect of his life.  He embodies the values of this organization and exemplifies daily what it means to be an “insider” in the technology community.  Drew attacks problems with the fervor of a rabid gorilla.  He has taught me everything I know about sales, and I will be forever indebted to him for doing so." -Blake Williams, Practice Manager

    "I thought I knew what hustle was, until I met Drew Sussberg. Now, I realize that what I thought was hustle, is Drew's relaxed state." -Joseph Schurig, Practice Manager

  • Chicago Security Meetup: January 2013

    Workbridge Chicago hosted the Chicago Security Meetup last night in their office. The presenter was awesome, and gave a very informative talk on DDoS attacks.

    We had a great turnout of about 65 people, our biggest yet. Looks like we're going to have to get some more chairs for the next one!

    So far, the feedback has been great. We'll be looking to organize our next event soon, so if you or anyone you know might be interested in giving a presentation, get in touch! And if you missed out on this month's, don't forget to join the group to stay informed about future events!

    How to get in touch:

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: (312) 726-6700

  • Workbridge Boston and Tech in Motion

    Last night, Workbridge Boston had the pleasure of hosting another Tech in Motion meet-up at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge. 

    Matt Williams presented on "How to Make Your Site Perform Better in 2013." He gave the audience some tips on how to optimize their site in regards to speed and efficiency.

    Boston techies braved the frigid temperatures to come out and learn about the different techniques, including image compression and site testing and monitoring, to optimize a site's performance.

    "Web Performance basically comes down to two things - monitor to see how fast things are, then optimize to make it faster. Then simply repeat those steps over and over again. In this session, we learned about some free tools you can use to test and monitor your website for performance and then covered some easy techniques you can use to optimize the site. Now its up to you to keep repeating those two steps, while learning about other optimization techniques as they come out. If you do, you will see your site get faster and faster, blowing away your competition." -Matt Williams

    Everyone grabbing some food, provided by VIGA, before the presentation started. 

    If you were unable to make it last night, here is a link with the slides to the presentation so that you can check it out!: Tech in Motion "Make Your Site Perform Better in 2013"

    If you would like to join us and get regular updates about our upcoming Tech in Motion events, click here for more details.

    Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates on our latest events, tech news, and our latest job openings! @WorkbridgeMA

  • Workbridge OC announces Tech in Motion: OC next event

    Workbridge Orange County is excited to announce that they are co-hosting the next Tech in Motion: OC event!

    We are hosting speaker Phil Schlesinger who will be speaking about PICS Auditing: Under the Hood. Phil Schlesinger is the Software Development Manager for PICS Auditing located in Irvine, CA. The presentation will highlight what they've found that has made their software development team successful up until now. It will also touch on what they're doing to continue improving their software development process. 

    This event will be hosting at Amazon Orange County Center in Irvine on February 6th. This event will start at 6:30 PM. It will include an hour of networking time on top of Phil's presentation. If you're interested in tech and want in on one of the biggest Tech Meetups in Orange County, make sure to check out our site at

    The goal of Tech in Motion: OC is to help grow, foster, and promote all tech communities here in Orange County!

    Interested in speaking, hosting, or want to get involved? Please contact Elizabeth Clark at [email protected]

  • Happy Clients and Job Seekers at Workbridge Philadelphia!

    We at Workbridge Philadelphia could not be more happy for one of our .NET recruiters- Joe!

    Joe worked tirelessly to find the perfect job seeker for a great client, and we're happy to report that of his effort paid off!

    Joe hard at work!

    Sometimes when recruiters are asked to find a specific job seeker for a client, they have a feeling that it will be an easy match to make. Sometimes, they get the feeling that it will be exactly the opposite. This was a case of the latter. When Joe got the requirements for his client's new position, he knew it was going to be tough one to fill, but he was determined to succeed.

    Joe's client is one of the .NET team's favorite people to work with. The last time he was in the market for a new job, we were actually able to place him in an awesome management-level position. He's a great guy, and a pleasure to have in the office. He definitely has strict requirements for job seekers he is looking to hire at his own company, but we appreciate the passion and always enjoy a challenge!

    This time around, he was looking for a brand new Senior Software Engineer. His company is UK-based, and was looking to make a big move to the states. This was a major hire for them, and the to-be-determinded job seeker was going to have a lot of impact and visibility.

    It ended up being an involved process, with lots of nearly-perfect job seekers, but Joe persisted. He ended up finding the perfect person for the job! When we say he worked tirelessly, we mean it. He tried anything he could think of to find the right job seeker- and it paid off!

    We hear that everything is working out great- for the job seeker, the client, and the company. We could not be more excited for everyone, and more proud of Joe.

    If you would like to speak with Joe, please give him a call at 215-209-0100, or shoot him an email at [email protected]

  • Workbridge Silicon Valley Success Story: Congrats Cenker!

    We'd like to take some time out to congratulate our new friend Cenker!

    Cenker was a pleasure to work with. Upon our first interaction, his honesty and openness made working together very seamless. At first, he wanted to take things slow, so we catered to his needs and only presented him with openings we felt were perfect fits.

    When our recruiter Jason Wong setup began working with a company that was looking for a Senior iOS Developer to lead their company toward technological advancements in mobile development, we knew we had the man for the job!

    After the initial interview, Cenker wowed the Director with his personality and his technical expertise in iOS Development. Within a span of 5 days, between the holidays and right after the New Year, our client wanted to hire him. Cenker was excited about their product, loved the culture and the people, and immediately saw the potential of the company. He decided to go full force and join the company and pursue their future goals. 

    Jason & Cenker

    Once the offer and acceptance was complete, Jason and Cenker had an amazing lunch, talked about technology, entertainment, travels, and of course, life. Workbridge Silicon Valley will definitely keep in touch with him and we wish him the Best of Luck! 

    Want to reach out to Jason? He loves to talk about iOS or Android!!

    Phone: (408) 295-9400

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: @Misterw0ng

    Drop By: 160 W. Santa Clara St., Suite 650 San Jose, CA 95113

  • Workbridge San Francisco: Where Dreams Really Do Come True

    Yesterday we found out some exciting news and it's our favorite kind to hear! One of our Lead Recruiters, Matt McKinney, found someone their dream job!

    Our new candidate, Mike, unexpectedly began searching for a job right before Christmas. The Holidays alone can be stressful; throw in a job search and one could easily feel overwhelmed. After being referred to Workbridge by a colleague who had been placed by us, Mike came in to meet the team.

    Within 48 hours, Mike had FOUR interviews lined up!

    He accepted an offer with his first choice within a week. Not only did Mike receive a competitive offer, but he could not be more ecstatic about the company Matt placed him with. Mike was formerly a teacher and he will now be working as the Lead Software Developer for an educational software company that uses technology to better connect teachers with their students. Sharing this passion to spread knowledge to our future generations illustrates how Mike is going to be a great addition!

    Within only a week of entering the job market again, Mike gratefully thanked Matt for his pairing efforts! Workbridge San Francisco is so happy for you, Mike! Good luck at the new job!

    To get in touch with Matt, you can:

    Give us a call at (415)982-0500.

    Or stop by our new and improved office:

    33 New Montgomery St., Suite 1840. San Francisco, Ca 94105.

    Feel free to send him an e-mail as well:

    [email protected]

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