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  • The Importance of Structuring Initial Contact with a "Purple Unicorn"

    By: Stephen Vaughan, Lead Recruiter of Workbridge Boston


    This is the most difficult market to hire quality technical talent since the dot com boom. And unless you have been living underneath a rock in an obscurely deep, dark cave on the South Shore or are new to the hiring scene, you are probably already aware of this.

    Highly talented technical engineers are so few and far between, that holding out for that perfect person to help grow your team with is akin to a Buffalo sports fan holding their breath in hopes for a championship.

    To properly introduce myself, I specialize only in Java and open source languages (PHP, Python, Ruby) specifically within the 495 loop of Boston.  The location and languages I recruit for are among the most difficult positions to fill nationwide across any industry – it certainly is no walk in the park.  After about a year of feeling the pressures in the front line, the Boston Globe reported on the hardships of tech hiring (and again, here).

    So what do you do when you are actually introduced to somebody who does have the skills or the potential to fit the role of that perfect person?  (From here on out I will be referring to this perfect person as: the "Purple Unicorn.")  The knee jerk reaction is to speak with that individual on the phone and to make sure that their personality/ cultural aspects are as great as their technical skills, right?


    I can’t stress how many times I consult and then witness my new clients miss out on that “Purple Unicorn” by sticking to their "typical" hiring process.  The hiring market is constantly moving no matter what the demand cycle is and unfortunately, the current market is moving at a pace at which many people may deem uncomfortable. 

    The number one thing to do, and what we do here at Workbridge Associates, is to set up a time to meet with that “Purple Unicorn” face to face.  70% of communication is non-verbal and by taking the exact same amount of time out of your day to meet with that candidate rather than putting a phone up to your ear allows you to cover 70% more. This puts your company well ahead of the other 500 opportunities he/she is checking out.

    By meeting with candidates every single day and understanding their ongoing job search activity, we make such a stronger connection meeting face to face. The proof is in the pudding. Workbridge physically meets with and sits down with any and every candidate who might be qualified for our clients.  By doing this we truly understand what these Purple Unicorns are looking for in their next adventure and where the companies they have been interviewing with are falling short.

    Remember that information is power and the more knowledgeable you are about those Unicorns, the higher your chances are to land one. HAPPY HUNTING! Don’t hesitate to give me a call at my office if you have any questions. The advice is free.

    Want to hear more from Stephen Vaughan? 

    Follow him on Twitter @SteVaughan15

    Connect with him on LinkedIn

    Shoot him an email or give him a call at (617) 622-2600

  • Workbridge Recruiter Spotlight: Rob Pabalan

    Rob Pabalan has been with Workbridge Chicago since August of 2011 where he works to find new jobs for .NET Developers. He's a key part of the Microsoft Development team and is always ready to lend his enthusiasm when the office needs help avoiding an afternoon slump.

    WB: Rob, what’s your favorite part of working at Workbridge?

    Rob: My co-workers. This job is hard sometimes, but being surrounded by people I genuinely care about makes things much easier.

    WB: What do you think it takes to be a great recruiter?

    Rob: Persistence. Patience. Confidence, and a thick skin. Charm helps too *wink*

    WB: So charming. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not recruiting?

    Rob: Attending live shows and festivals. Music consumes my life outside of the office.

    WB: Do you have a favorite music festival?

    Rob: Northcoast Music Festival is my favorite local one. Ultra Music Festival down in Miami was a blast, but too expensive and commercial now. Electric Zoo in New York is my favorite one not in Chicago.

    WB: What words of advice would you like to send to the developers of Chicago?

    Rob: Don’t be afraid to explore what’s out there. Make more cool things so that I can buy them and promote them. Let me be your advocate.

    If you're interested in contacting Rob?

    Call the office: (312) 726-6700

    E-mail Rob: [email protected]

  • A Placement Story from Workbridge OC

    You might remember Alexandra Grandes from this post previously highlighting some of her successes at Workbridge Orange County. Well, we're back to let you know that she ended 2012 on a high note, helping job-seeker, Min, find a new position. 

    Alexandra had been working with Min since he started his job search about two months ago. He wanted to keep his options open here in Orange County as he knew that the technology market has been steadily growing for the last year. By teaming up with Workbridge OC, Min was able to hear about all the latest job opportunities in the Microsoft Technology field.  

    Alexandra was able to find Min a great gig that fit everything he was looking for. The position she helped him find fit his personality and lifestyle. This new position has a lot of room for growth and even provided him with a salary increase to start! Min will be starting this exciting opportunity later this month. 

    Want to see how Alexandra or Workbridge OC can help you with your job search? Make sure to check out our latest job postings or reach out to us:

    Phone: (949) 833-1300

    Twitter: @workbridgeOC and @alexgrandes

  • Workbridge Boston Recruiter Spotlight: Andrea Sullivan

    We take pride in all of our recruiters here at Workbridge Boston and we like to recognize them once in a while! This week our recruiter spotlight shines its light on Andrea Sullivan, a member of our Open Source team. Every day Andrea comes into the office and helps Web Developers and Engineers find their dream job. 

    A graduate of UMass Amherst, Andrea started at Workbridge Boston in June of 2012. A social person by nature, Andrea's people skills help her relate to job-seekers and hiring managers to find the perfect fit for open positions. She loves having the chance to help people find new opportunities.

    "There's nothing like walking out of the office after a long day and knowing that you positively impacted someone's life in one way or another. That's when all the hard work pays off."


    When Andrea is taking a break from all-star recruiting, she can be found spending time with friends and family. 

    How to contact Andrea:

    Email: [email protected] 

    Connect with her on LinkedIn.


  • Workbridge Recruiter Spotlight: Ethan Van der Heide

    Ethan started working at Workbridge Chicago back in February of 2011, and has been tirelessly working to find Web Developers great new jobs. Recently, Ethan was promoted to Lead Recruiter and it couldn't have been more well deserved!

    When he’s not recruiting, you could probably find him running laps around Wicker Park when it’s far too cold to be running outside.

    WB: Ethan, have you ever run from your house to work in the morning?

    EV: Not yet, but I’d like to. I’ve thought about how I would set a system up that would make it doable. The main dilemma is that I’d need to have several changes of clothes at the office. The gym downstairs has a shower and public lockers, but the building administration seems less than keen about permanently losing a locker to me.

    I’ll probably try to get the situation worked out over this coming spring. I’d be pretty excited about saving myself 30-45 minutes a day worth of commuting.

    WB: When you’re not recruiting or running, what do you enjoy doing?

    EV: My activities definitely depend on the season. In general, I spend a lot of time reading and café hopping, but the summer makes me a lot more mobile.  I really like biking with my friends to some of the more oddball neighborhoods in the city for antique hunting.

    If I’m feeling really burned out, I’m definitely not opposed to ordering a bunch of food and tooling around on Xbox live for unreasonable amounts of time too.

    WB: What’s your favorite part about working at Workbridge?

    EV: There are a lot of things I like about my job, but I ultimately most enjoy being an important piece on a team. I’m definitely a competitive guy, so it’s important for me to stand out, but I think the team environment gives success some meaningful context. I think it’s harder to be fulfilled by your achievements if your successes have no impact beyond your individual performance.

    WB: If you could tell the developers of Chicago one thing, what would it be?

    EV: I think my major piece of advice would be that you want your relationship with your recruiter to be the kind of relationship an athlete has with their sports agent. A good recruiter isn’t just someone banging out cold calls based on your resume. A good recruiter understands what you’re about as a person and what you’re actually looking to do with your career.

    The bottom line is that whether you’re happy at your job or not, everyone is always looking for ways to make more money or improve their quality of life.  A good recruiter is a trusted advisor who’s always on the lookout for the one rare next opportunity that will move your life forward. That’s the kind of recruiter I aim to be.

    Thanks for visiting the blog, Ethan! If you're interested in working with him, give us a call at (312) 726-6700 or email him at [email protected]!

  • Workbridge Recruiter Spotlight: Brianna Holladay

    Meet Brianna Holladay, a recruiter for our Workbridge Silicon Valley office.

    Brianna grew up in Gilroy, CA and graduated from San Jose State; majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Humanities. 

    When Brianna is not hard at work helping job-seekers find their dream job, she likes to read, knit, cook and watch movies! Oh and Brianna is a HUGE Disney fan.

     Brianna Holladay

    Brianna is a pleasant, petite power house here at Workbridge Silicon Valley!

    You can reach out to her via:

    Twitter: @alwaysaholladay

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: (408) 295-9400

  • Workbridge Recruiter Spotlight: Kaylene Moulton

    All of our recruiters go through pretty rigorous training to better understand the technologies they recruit for. It just so happens that one of our junior recruiters here in Workbridge San Francisco, already has a leg up on the competition!

    Kaylene Moulton works on the Network Infrastructure team and specializes in placing UI/UX designers, mobile, and front-end developers. Recently, she designed a layout for an annual report for a program called CAP (Community Action Program). Her design went out to over 2,000 people in the local community of Salt Lake City. Initially, Kaylene was inspired by a school project but carried it out after graduation.

    For more information, visit her website:

    This is a huge accomplishment for a young lady in the business field and we're very impressed by her.

    Our staff is comprised of a diverse group, all of which can relate to our targeted clientele in one way or another. With the experience she's garnered over the last couple of years, Kaylene can better understand the visual designers that she helps! And don't we all want to be understood... especially when it comes to something as big as our CAREER!

    Stop by Workbridge San Francisco or contact us today for assistance in your next job search!

    Call: (415) 982-0500

    Visit: 44 Montgomery, Suite 2350. San Francisco, CA 94104

  • Workbridge Recruiter Spotlight: Chris Walery

    Workbridge Orange County wants you to meet Chris Walery.

    Chris has been working with Workbridge under the management of Jacob Wolf and is quickly learning the ins and outs of the Embedded, Hardware, and Android market here in the O.C. 

    So far, Chris been able to help place several engineers into both contracts and full time positions this fall. He's working hard right through the holidays to make sure everyone can make the most of the opportunities at hand. 

    Chris is a local Orange County guy who graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Economics. When Chris isn't hard at work here at Workbridge, he's busy taking advantage of all that Southern California has to offer, surfing, sky diving, and enjoying life.

    Perhaps Chris's biggest quirk is that he only eats bread a cheese: grilled cheese, pizza, mac and cheese, quesadilla. So while it might be fun to grab lunch with Chris, it certainly limits your options!

    Want to hear what jobs Chris is working on now? Or kid him about his lack of adult taste buds? Feel free to reach out to him on twitter or call in at (949) 833-1300 

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