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  • Getting Through Your 1st Round Interview Successfully

    By Joe Schurig, Practice Manager at Workbridge New York

    After hearing countless amounts of interview feedback from our clients and job seekers, I feel like we have almost heard it all. Considering the strength of the technology market, we might be experiencing the most competitive candidate market...ever.

    The U.S job market as a nation is struggling, in tech however, there are more open positions than qualified candidates with new companies and positions popping up daily. For obvious reasons, there has been a growth towards the expectations and talent of any potential employee when hiring. To put it simply, it is becoming much harder to get through an interview successfully. Furthermore, job descriptions are outlandish; they often appear to be a wish list of the best candidate ever -someone that may not exist. These expectations combined with the strength of the market are leading to almost impossible first interviews.

    The initial interview to begin the process is where first impressions are made. Whether it is of you specifically, or your impression of the organization, it’s something that will last in one's mind forever. The amount of candidates on the market who are reachable is going to favor the organization: they can be picky.  Regardless, it is imperative to have a strategy!    

    1)   Do your homework. Make sure you are aware of what technologies the company you are interviewing with is using, it's important to study up.

    2)   Describe your background and prepare to explain how it is relevant with their company. Your resume usually doesn’t tell the entire story.

    3)   Questions gauge their interest. People love to speak about themselves, or their company. Ask questions about both

    -       What type of a team they work on?

    -      Overall employees, tech stack, seniority of company.

    4)   State your true thoughts and feelings! Most tech-focused first round interviews last less than an hour. If you are interested, best time to state your feelings is NOW.

    5)   Your enthusiasm, not your resume, will get you the job. Feel the need to go above and beyond: People hire People.

    With all of these things listed above, the philosophy is that the interview will hopefully flow to a natural dialog. The general rule of thumb is that you, the candidate, should do about 65% of the talking.  If you can represent yourself in the most honest way possible while following these general rules and suggestions, you will do just fine. Good luck!

    Want to speak with Joe regarding the New York job market? Reach out!

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