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    • Yelp
      William C.

      Evanston, IL

      A great bunch of folks to work with. Dan and Amanda really went above and beyond the call, and I feel like they try to find the best fit for both the client and applicant. I always appreciate honesty above everything else in business, and they were always completely transparent during the recruitment process.
    • Google+
      Nick M.


      Shortly after having my first child, Alex at Workbridge was able to find me a position a few miles from home within a week. I'm not sure what more I can say to recommend Workbridge than that!
    • Google+
      Charlie S.


      I had a very positive experience working with Ryan and Alex (from Workbridge). They placed me in an awesome position that exactly met my needs and expectations. They worked with me the entire way through the process, and made sure to follow up on every loose end.
    • Google+
      Devon Blandin


      I had the pleasure of working with Amanda and the rest of the open source team during my recent job search. The experience was great and I'd definitely recommend Workbridge to anyone looking for a tech job in the area. They know the field and worked hard to find me a good fit. Soon after first speaking with them on Read more...
  • Upcoming Events

    • Static vs. Dynamically Typed Languages: History, Practice, and Future

      • Wed, September 23
        6:00 pm
      • Serendipity Labs
        1 South Wacker Drive

      Between the release of Swift, the prominence of multi-tier development with JavaScript’s Node.JS and Ruby, and the continued dominance of C#, developers have to consider the tradeoffs between dynamically and statically typed languages. This meet-up will feature senior engineers who have worked with or are leading start-up engineering teams AND in the enterprise at prominent enterprise software companies. The panel of speakers will discuss the advantages of statically and dynamically Read more...

    • Trojaned Gems - You can’t tell you’re using one!

      • Wed, September 23
        6:00 pm
      • Raise
        11 E Madison

      Dependence on software libraries and frameworks continue to grow in popularity.  More scrutiny is being placed on reviewing the source code of these dependencies for security vulnerabilities, but little attention is being placed on software dependencies while in transit. In this talk, we will expose weaknesses in software delivery mechanisms and show how malicious software can be added/injected into popular software libraries during transit.  We will also demonstrate the impact Read more...

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